Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Confession and an Announcement

I have a confession and an announcement to make. Neither of these may be all that startling to my readers who've heard me talk about them in person, but I thought I'd share anyway.

First, the confession. One of the main reasons I created this blog is because I was thinking about doing a PhD in Communications. I wanted to record my thoughts surrounding my areas of interest so I could get a sense of the threads I was most interested in, and as a bonus, maybe start a discussion around some of them.

This confession leads to the announcement: Starting in August, I will indeed be starting a doctoral program in communication research at Purdue University in Indiana. I'll be primarily working in the area of Media, Technology, and Society, hopefully focusing on the ways we write and read in a technological age.

What this means for the blog, I'm not entirely sure yet. But I somehow think I'll have more material for it than ever.


em said...

Yay! I add my hyper-congratulations to my REAL congratulations. And you'll have to keep up the blog once you're at Purdue, if only to provoke me :)


Deborah Leiter said...

em: Thanks so much. For you, I'll keep up the blog. Maybe I'll occasionally throw in something super-pro-technology just to get your reaction. :)