Friday, April 04, 2008

A couple of great quotes...

  1. From my Facebook "Deep Thought" generator: “To me, truth is not some vague, foggy notion. Truth is real. And, at the same time, unreal. Fiction and fact and everything in between, plus some things I can’t remember, all rolled into one big ‘thing.’ This is truth, to me.”
    Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

    Deb's thoughts: This one just made me laugh. Especially since it's so similar to my thoughts on the matter after an MA in lit. and almost-one-year of a PhD in communication. Thankfully I've spent a lot of time reading and analyzing poetry, so I'm okay with paradox.

  2. From the blog "95 Theses", by way of Cindy (thanks, Cindy!): "In a conversation between Waugh and Graham Greene, recorded by Christopher Sykes, Greene described the plot of his then impending novel The Quiet American, and observed that it would be “a relief not to write about God for a change.” To which Waugh rejoined, “Oh, I wouldn’t drop God if I were you. Not at this stage anyway. It would be like P. G. Wodehouse dropping Jeeves halfway through the Wooster series.”

    Deb's thoughts: Again, it's funny. Yet profound. I'm feeling poetic at the moment, though, rather than poetry-analytic (perhaps because I'm in the middle of analysis for a paper), so I won't overanalyze the implications of this one. Just enjoy...