Thursday, September 14, 2006

These Days, It Costs to Fail...

At $9.95 a Page, You Expected Poetry?: In this New York Times article, the reporter did a little investigative journalism to show that the web has only made it easier for cheating students to fail. If they don't choose the incredibly-easily-available (and therefore incredibly-easily-detectable-by-professors) free term paper sites, they have the choice for "pay for an original paper" sites. But according to this article, a random sampling of these sites produced papers that would get low or failing grades. Apparently the people who run these sites aren't rocket scientists--or maybe they are, and don't know anything about Hamlet or the fall of the Roman empire. They certainly seem to be good economists--the sites wouldn't be around in such plenty if they didn't get plenty of business. *Sigh* Technology may change, but the ugly side of human nature doesn't.

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