Thursday, April 20, 2006

When Virtual Paper Isn't Enough

So I found out today that my novel manuscript did not get accepted by the first venue to which I sent it. I can't say that I was shocked. A little disappointed, of course, but not shocked. I worked in publishing. I know how it goes.

So in the next week the goal is to get online and in the stacks at the library to research more venues to which to send the manuscript. Agents, publishers... Important to research carefully and find the right ones. Then to get it back out there.

Some might think I need a rest first. But the thing is, the publishing world is at least partially about persistence. I know this, so I am fully committed to sending it out repeatedly until it gets published. And I have a tangible, trip-over-it-in-the-living-room reminder of my commitment in my living room at home--a case of printer paper I bought after I finished the thrd or fourth draft. Virtual paper is cheaper, but sometimes you need to stub your toe on the real thing a few times to remind yourself of both the need to accomplish your goals and the chances that it will take awhile.


Fluffica said...

awww sorry deb. you'll find an even better publisher!

rilla said...

Oh Boo. I was also hoping that your manuscript would be picked up swiftly so that we could celebrate when you came back.

We'll celebrate your coming back anyway.